Edgar Filing Process

“Client Startup Package”

(New clients only)

Deliver documents to123EdgarDirect.com
Filing prepared for client review
PDF proof of the filing delivered to client for review & approval
Submission to the SEC
Acknowledgement of successful filing delivered to client

Provide the information required in the Client Startup Package – Clients will receive a “Client Startup Package” detailing the information needed to prepare and file their documents with the SEC.  Every corporate or individual filer must have a unique CIK code, which identifies the filer, and a corresponding CCC code for security.  If you have filed on EDGAR before, you have these codes and we will use the same codes.  If you are a first-time filer and need to obtain codes, we can assist you in this process.  The access codes can typically be obtained in a couple of days but you should order them at least two weeks in advance of your filing deadline.  The SEC does not provide relief for a timely filing due to codes not being available.

Deliver your Documents for EDGARization – Just send us all documents via e-mail at filings@123EdgarDirect.com.

Filing Prepared For Client Review – Your documents will be formatted and prepared for test submission to the SEC and a PDF proof of the document will be distributed the client and their designated representatives via email for review and approval.

Review and Approval – The PDF proof is reviewed by you to ensure that the documents have been accurately prepared and no corrections or changes are required.  An email authorization and confirmation is sent from the client to 123EdgarDirect that the proof has been approved by all required parties and is approved for submission.

Submission to the SEC EDGAR System – The final document is then filed “live” to the SEC EDGAR system.

Acknowledgement of Successful Filing Delivered to Client – The EDGAR system sends a confirmation of the filing indicating the identifying the filer, the form type and the date and time the filing accepted by EDGAR. The confirmation is proof that a timely filing was made.