Edgar Filing Services

Since the SEC began requiring electronic filing, 123EdgarDirect has been a leader which will simplify and streamline the entire SEC compliance process.  By assisting you in the technology, we are able to leverage our technology to provide our clients with unsurpassed quality, service and cost-effective solutions.

Management and customer service professionals have in-depth knowledge of the SEC compliance and EDGAR system requirements.  We desire to become the one of the most trusted compliance solutions provider to our clients by delivering consistently high quality and reliable services that dramatically eliminate hidden fees associated with many other services, while providing faster basic turn-around times.

EDGAR Filing Service – a full service filing agent with the US Securities and Exchange Commission that provides a complete range of EDGAR conversion and filing services in either HTML, ASCII or XBRL format.

Conversion Services
We convert electronic and paper documents into the SEC’s EDGAR standard format and file them according to the EDGAR rules.

XBRL Consulting – our team of XBRL specialists can help guide you through all the steps needed to tag, map and generate XBRL raw data files for filing with the SEC.

Section 16 Reporting.  We store all your information in our database at 123EdgarDirect, thereby, saving you time.  Either email or facsimile to us for filing.

REG A and/or Reg A+. We have the software and all subsequent filings in our software. Either email or facsimile to us for filing.

Filing of Form D: Either email or facsimile to us for filing.