XBRL Solutions

123EdgarDirect a full-service solution which can produce all of your company’s required XBRL filings (Financials and Notes to Financials – with detailed tagging) in guaranteed compliance with current SEC and U.S. GAAP or IFRS Taxonomies.

By registering in 123EdgarDirect’s XBRL System, your company does not need to buy software, continually hire and train new personnel or pay printers, accountants or consultants excessive fees for XBRL Conversion.  123EdgarDirect will work for you and with you, saving hundreds of man hours associated with XBRL conversion and service throughout each Fiscal Year.

Compliance with SEC Taxonomies
Unparalleled expertise and service
Quick turnaround-time
Flat-Rate Pricing Available

How long does a “typical” XBRL filing take to create and complete?

Answer:  It depends on how complex your financials and notes to financials are.

More Detail:  There is no magic solution for XBRL.  The human factors of reviewing and interacting with filings will always exist until people can teach computers to think and reason.  There is no software program available that can “do it all for you”.